Welcome to the Joyful Surprise!

“She is the Surprise.  The joyful Surprise….”  Stephen Maturin in “The Farside of the World,” from the Master and Commander series by the great Patrick O’Brian.

The greatest of joyful surprises came in 2003 when Mike and Carol, both happily single, met and fell in love over a mutual passion for travel, food, music, wine and all the adventures life has to offer. It’s been one big adventure ever since.  After years of keeping photo albums of our travels we’ve decided to go digital and are creating our first travel blog!   We’re newbies at this, so we ask for patience as we figure out the technology.

Don’t come looking for deep insights or profound writings.  We’re just hoping to be able to share our pictures, experiences and discoveries from travels afar as well as those close to home.

Stop one will be England and Ireland in May 2015.  We’ll be in London May 2nd — hope you can join us!

For now… some photos of travels through the years.

20 David and Mike
Mike and David. Indian River, Dominica 2008
22370002Oregon Coast May 5 2009
Oregon Coast, 2009



Spain 358
Cudillero, North Coast of Spain 2012
Spain 063
Wine and oysters at the Mercado San Miguel, Madrid. 2012
01 Carol on Red Rocks Dominica
Calibishie, Dominica 2008
Ireland, 2010
The Lost Coast, California 2005
Dingle Peninsula, Ireland — Schoolhouse from Ryan’s Daughter. 2010
Mike on Belgian Coasbt
Belgian Coast 2004
Mike Brussels
Brussels 2004
Carol Brussels
Brussels 2004

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